Mobile Digital Advertising Trucks

A cost-effective, out of house (OOH) advertising alternative.

Why Choose Mobile Digital Advertisting?

Capture your audience where they live, work and play.

Digital billboard ads display your company’s message in a way no other media can. Our mobile digital advertising trucks use vivid color and state-of-the-art audio, to push consumers to complete tangible, real-life actions such as stopping into a storefront or choosing one brand over another.

Because our billboards are mobile, we can attain greater audience exposure in high traffic areas. 

Mobile digital billboard ads have eclipsed static advertising and other fundamental mediums by utilizing huge displays, enhanced with audio for an unforgettable consumer experience.

Live + Loud

Our mobile digital billboards come equipped with an external sound system to enhance and emphasize your message.

Brilliant + Eye Catching

Deliver a crystal clear, eye-catching message that drives your customers to take real-life actions.

Cant Miss Messages

Becasue our billboards are mobile, we can attain greater audience exposure in high traffic areas.

Features of Our Mobile Digital Advertising Trucks

  • 14 feet long x 6 1/2 feet tall
  • Two 4.8mm LED screens on both sides
  • One 4.8mm LED screens on back
  • State-of-the-art audio system
  • Waterproof screens that can run day or night rain or shine

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A photo of an actual LED mobile LED billboard truck as used by Unique Marketing Concepts in Alabama

Our Advertising Packages

Choose your length, submit creative, get seen and heard, by your audience.

*Factors such as inclement weather or other emergencies can affect daily hourly run times.

Roving Digital Ads in High Traffic Areas

Brilliant LED displays enhanced with audio produce a can’t miss message.

Our interactive map demonstrates the type of exposure digital billboard ads from Unique Marketing Concepts, LLC receive.

Hover over a pin to see the average daily traffic for that location

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UMC Digital Route #1

UMC Digital Route #2

Digital Billboards are Extremely Versatile

This cost-effective medium is an excellent tool for promoting a variety of products and services.

Sporting Events

Concerts & Festivals

Trade Shows


Grand Openings

High Traffic Areas


Gender Reveals


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